Wadi Rum and Camel Trekking

by Steve
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Wadi Rum - Area of Lawrence's House

It was absolutely amazing!!  We have all said this was probably the greatest experience ever in our travels!  First, the scenery is beautiful.  Second, the camels were great and maybe even adorable!!  Third, the Bedouins and Jordan people are the best!  They must have a country wide slogan because the expression is “Welcome to Jordan.  This is your second home!”  The warmth of these people is incredible!

There is so much to tell about the history in this area, about camels, about Bedouins, etc as well as pictures from this incredible journey.  i will cover this in more detail in one of my “A Look Back” series when this trip concludes.  For now, a quick synopsis.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is an area in southern Jordan.  It has been inhabited by humans since prehistoric times.  T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, passed through this valley and many scenes for the movie about Lawrence were shot here. The featured image in this post was taken in the area called Lawrence’s house where he stayed in the valley of Wadi Rum

The valley has a landscape where everything starts to look the same and one could get lost.  But at the same time, everything looks different.  We would turn a corner and see more beauty.  We’d look over at some of the rock formations and the sunlight would come through the clouds and change the look.  And it was eerily quiet, especially at night.

Canyon at Wadi Rum

Canyon at Wadi Rum

The Valley of Wadi Rum

The Valley of Wadi Rum


It is believed camels were first domesticated back around 3000 BC.  And now there is what seems at least one camel in every yard in the Wadi Rum village!!  This area offers rides by jeep, horse and camel through the valley. Our choice was to ride camels since we’re in the desert.

We rode camels for three days.  The ride was about 4 – 5 hours each day with lunch, time to see things on foot and then returning to the camp in the desert.  We each had our own camel to ride and our Bedouin guide also had his own except that he walked the entire time.

Camel Trekking in Wadi Rum

Camel Trekking in Wadi Rum

My father always wanted to ride a camel and never got that opportunity.  In his memory, I named my camel “George”.  And so did Sharon, Micah and Naser, our Bedouin guide.  So we had four camels named George!

And by the end of the trek, we were getting attached to the camels, especially Sharon.  With her background with horses, riding a camel was a natural for her.  So she and her “George” became the best of buddies!

Wadi Rum - The Love of Camels

Wadi Rum – The Love of Camels

It was a great time and one we were glad we could do together.  There is so much more to tell and I will do that in the future.  But for the next two nights we’re in Petra, one of the “New” Seven Wonders of the World.  Hope you will join me tomorrow as we continue to learn more about History Thru Travel.


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