Oberstdorf – Bavarian Alps

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Oberstdorf and the Bavarian Alps

Oberstdorf is located in southwest Germany in the Bavarian Alps. It is Germany’s southernmost town, not far from the Austrian border. While Oberstdorf is at an altitude of 815 m (2,674 ft) it is surrounded by high peaks, some of which reach 2,600 m (8,530 ft). Its history, which has been verified by findings, dates back to the Stone Age. Oberstodrf is known for its spas with the first known spa being built here in 1518. I know you’re asking yourself……Steve, did you go to Oberstdorf for the spas? The answer is no. I came to Oberstdorf for the 2018 Ski Flying World Championships!!

Ski Flying in Oberstdorf

Ski Flying in Oberstdorf

Third Largest Ski Flying Hill in the World

I love ski jumping and ski flying. Having gone to four different tournaments last year, I decided I’d attend some again this year. The Ski Flying World Championships are held once every two years, so I thought it would be a good time to see this tournament in Oberstdorf. You’ll learn more about Ski Flying and its history over the next few days.

Today was, at least was supposed to have been, the qualification round. If you’ve been reading the news, there have been major winter storms in Germany and Northern Europe, particularly the storm named Frederike. Winds have exceeded 100 k (60 mi) per hour and have sent trucks into ditches and trees into many vehicles. While we were supposed to have received winds of 100 kph, we didn’t. The locals say the mountains surrounding Oberstdorf protected us from those strong winds. But the winds were enough to delay qualifying for the competition until Friday.

The World Championships are four days which include both individual and team competition. So we have three more days to work with. As long as they get the tournament in, I’ll be very happy. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’ll give you an idea of what’s to come with the picture below. Yes, that’s a large jump. The third largest in the world. And they will be “flying” around 235 m (781 ft). More tomorrow!!

Oberstdorf Ski Flying Hill

Oberstdorf Ski Flying Hill

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