From Art to World Cup

by Steve
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National Gallery - London

The National Gallery was founded in 1824 and is located next to Trafalgar Square. It is one of the most visited galleries in the world and showcases European paintings from the mid 13th century to 1900.

National Gallery - London

National Gallery – London

When in an art museum, you can obtain a floor plan which normally notes some of the top art on display. I use that as a scavenger hunt to find that art. This gallery had so many of the paintings that I used their big guidebook to help me keep track of what I saw. I noted more than 80 paintings from artists I’ve followed and other paintings that were noted as a “must-see” by the gallery.

I also saw this class of children being introduced to the masterpieces of the National Gallery.  Here they are learning more about “Bacchus and Ariadne” which was painted by Titan (Tiziano Vecellio) from 1520 – 1523.  At that time, he was in his 30’s, but Titian had a career that spanned some 65 plus years

Class at the National Gallery - London

Class at the National Gallery – London

Over two days, I spent about six hours in the gallery on my big treasure hunt. NOTE TO SELF: Best done when traveling alone!! I enjoy spending that much time seeing art that I know something about and other art that I’m learning to appreciate. I’m a person that can’t draw anything more than a stick man, but I am in awe of what others can do.

Did you know that many museums in London are free? They do ask for a donation, but it’s not mandatory. This is one of the free museums but the 10 pound donation is certainly worth it. If you like art, the National Gallery is a must!!!

2018 World Cup Draw

In mid-afternoon it was time to find a sports bar. History was in the making as they did the group draw for the 2018 World Cup in Russia. We knew the 32 teams that would be playing but they needed to be randomly drawn into eight groups of four. Since I have a ticket for five games following Croatia, I had a personal interest in the draw.

When it was over, Croatia was in Group D along with Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria. Each of the Group D games are in different cities, so now I need to start determining travel and lodging. Not the easiest thing to do, but it is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity!!

2018 World Cup Draw in London Pub

England had just been drawn for their World Cup Group.

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