Jaffa and Its Biblical History

by Steve
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St-Peter's Church - Jaffa

But before I get to that part of the story, I need to give you a bit of background.

The day started with the alarm blaring at 1am.  Yes, 1am!  We needed to head to the airport for a 4:10am flight.  But I knew this trip would be well worth having to get up SO early!!  It’s our trip to Israel and Jordan.

The first leg of the flight took us from Pristina to Istanbul.  Do you know what makes Istanbul so unique for American travelers now days?  It’s that we can fly through Turkey, in transit is what they call it, but we can’t enter Turkey. The reason is a diplomatic disagreement between the two countries.  That’s really too bad because Turkey has some great historical sites and the flight to Istanbul is just a little over an hour from our home in Pristina.  But for now, it’s our final point of departure for Tel Aviv, Israel. Our airline of choice is Pegasus Airline, a discount airline that flies throughout Europe as well as the Middle East.

Pegasus Airlines in Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines in Istanbul

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Tel Aviv is a very modern city that was established in 1909.  It is the second largest city in Israel.  Jerusalem is the largest.  For us Tel Aviv was a one night stop to see the oldest part of the city, Jaffa.  Not only is it the oldest part, but it is one of the oldest ports in the world.  Its history is also a part of biblical history and is mentioned in the Bible.  It is said the town was named after Noah’s son, Japheth, who they say was also a founder of the town.  In addition, it’s also associated with biblical stories of Jonah, King Solomon and Saint Peter.

The featured image in this post is St. Peter’s Church in Jaffa.  The church is located on a hill and dominates the view of Jaffa from the sea and has been seen as a beacon to pilgrims.

St. Peter's Church - Jaffa

St. Peter’s Church – Jaffa



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