From Courtroom to King of Rock

by Steve
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Witness to the Prosecution

Most of the afternoon was spent in court. No, I didn’t have jury duty, but I was a “Witness to the Prosecution”. If any of you are Agatha Christie fans, you will recognize that title.

Years ago, when we only had three channels to watch on television, I read a lot of her books. She was encouraged to take her story and make it into a play. In 1953, it opened on the West End in London. Her play “The Mousetrap” has been playing in London for 65 years. It is on my list to see on a future trip.

Performed in The Chamber at London County Hall made it all feel so very real. It was performed by a great cast and as Christie so excellently does, there was one twist after another at the end. A great afternoon of entertainment!

Elvis in Concert

I never thought it would happen!!! I saw Elvis Presley perform in London. In fact it was in a sold out arena at the O2. It was not an impersonator. Elvis is really back…… on screen!

The concert was called “Elvis in Concert – Live on Screen”.

The concert had the London Philharmonic Concert Orchestra playing the music accompanying Elvis who was singing on the big screen. What a great evening using technology to recreate something from years ago.

I had heard about a version of this concert years ago. It was being performed in Memphis on his birthday anniversary. Now it’s a spectacular show that has toured throughout the UK, Europe and Australia.

There were all ages in attendance. The man next to me was at least my age or older. He’s a big Elvis fan. He was moving his seat back and forth so much that mine was moving with it. I thought I was going to get sea sick!!

How about the song “The Wonder Of You”?  It was released in 1970 and reached Number 9 in the United States.  Is one of about thirty-five songs that Elvis would regularly perform at concerts.  It’s just as great today as it was 47 years ago!!  Listen and enjoy!!


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