Franz Liszt and Christmas Markets

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Franz Liszt's Drawing Room

Franz Liszt lived in the 1800’s and was a Hungarian pianist and composer during the Romantic movement.  He was well known throughout Europe having started performing in concert halls at the age of 9.  But it was in his later years when he settled in Budapest that he established the Royal National Hungarian Academy of Music, better known today as the Franz Liszt Academy of Music.

When Liszt started the Academy, it was in this building.  Today it is a museum which is a reconstruction of his flat. This flat was where Liszt gave music lessons and also lived.  The picture below shows his study-bedroom.  Some of the important items in this room were two bookcases that contain scores from his estate.

Franz Liszt's Study and Bedroom

Franz Liszt’s Study and Bedroom

The desk in the study is quite unique.  It was a present from the piano maker Ludwig Bosendorfer.  Now that name might not ring a bell for people in the States, but pianos made by that company are seen in concert halls throughout Europe.  As you can see, the middle drawer is a three-octave keyboard.

Franz Liszt Desk

Franz Liszt Desk

The drawing room is where Liszt gave his lessons and contains two beautiful pianos and is the featured image in this post.

As many of you know, I’ve been to Budapest many times since living in Europe.  In fact, one trip last April was to hear the Hungarian Coronation Mass by Liszt that was performed in 1867 for Franz Josef I who was King of Hungary.  There are so many concerts year round in Budapest.  It is one of my favorite cities for the performing arts and all of those performances are at very reasonable prices!!

Budapest Christmas Markets

Budapest is also known for its Christmas Markets.  While there are a number of them throughout the city, probably the most popular one is that which is on the plaza in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.  We were there last year, although this year the weather was much better!!!!

Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest Christmas Market

The plaza has many booths, it is well lit up with Christmas lights and also features a special video presentation shown on the front of the Cathedral.  So grab a glass of mulled wine and enjoy the performance!!

If you’ve already been to the Christmas Market in Budapest, check out these Top 20 European Christmas Destinations.

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