Budapest – A Favorite City

by Steve
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Hungarian Parliament - Budapest

Budapest is one of my favorite European Cities.  It has so much to offer from great art museums, performing arts, history and food.  It is also home to the Hungarian Parliament.  That building is an icon of the city and easily photographed from a boat on the Danube River or from across the river.

I’ve been to Budapest on four different trips in the past 1 1/2 years.  This was my second four day weekend trip to see the performing arts.  Both weekends included three different performances.

While the arts are the main attraction for me, it’s also the price of the round trip airfare.  This trip was about $24 to fly to Budapest for the weekend!!  And what was my cab fare in Pristina?  It was $30 total to take me to the airport and pick me up.  And that’s a reduced rate.

With that type of pricing, it’s hard to pass up any of the great performances that take place in Budapest throughout the year.  I’ll be back to Budapest!!  It’s just a matter of when.


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