Aqaba and The Red Sea 

by Steve
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Red Sea

It was a day of travel to get us into Jordan.  The day started in Bethlehem and took us to the border at Eilat, Israel.  From there it was across the border to Aqaba, Jordan, a city on the Red Sea.  I think I’ll call the day “Taxis, Buses and Trams”.


We are only in Aqaba for one night before heading north to Wadi Rum. Aqaba is the only port city of Jordan.  I mentioned yesterday that Aqaba is a part of the Lawrence of Arabia story based on the life of T. E. Lawrence.  During World War One, Lawrence was a key person in getting the Ottoman forces to withdraw from Aqaba.  Because of this, the British were able to supply the Arab forces.

The Red Sea

The Red Sea connects to the Indian Ocean.  Because of this connection, this area of Jordan has been very important to an otherwise land locked country.

Today this area is a destination for scuba divers. While the beaches and resorts are not real busy in the winter months, they are packed in the warmer months. But because it’s December, we’re getting a great rate at the Red Sea Dive Center!

Red Sea Dive Resort

Red Sea Dive Resort

On To The Desert

Tomorrow starts a three day – two night stay in the desert.  Our camel trek will take us through the Wadi Rum area with each night staying in a Bedouin camp as we begin our camel trekking.  We won’t have WiFi, so I’ll be catching up with you when we get back to civilization.  That’s on December 30 and hopefully the WiFi will work at our hotel in Petra.

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